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Our Core Values


Bold, Consistent Vision
Deliver a compelling, shared vision that focuses on the success of our customers and our partners--and is consistently communicated to them and the rest of the world.

Great Attitude
Always remember that our attitudes and subsequent behaviors are controlled 100% by our own minds and not by outside forces. No matter the situation, a positive outlook and demeanor will improve it.

Work tirelessly in the very best interests of our customers, our company, our partners and our industry.

Be professional in every interaction with employees, customers and partners. Treat everyone with the utmost honesty, respect, courtesy, directness, and always follow through.

Be accountable in every situation. If a mistake is made, own it, correct it, communicate it and help everyone learn from it.

Open, Honest Communication
Display and act with the utmost of integrity…Always.
Extraordinary Teamwork
We have all been given different talents and strengths. It is our duty to share them so we can better serve everyone--our employees, customers and partners.

Always inspire ourselves and our partners to a higher state of service, performance, quality, speed and ultimately, competitiveness.

Out-think the competition. Constantly strive for improvement. Work to bring the best ideas and practices to South Placer Tax and Notary Services, our customers and our product partners.

Listen Well, Act Quickly
Listen well, entertain the ideas of others (both inside and outside the company) and seek counsel. Then act decisively.

Stay focused on the success of our customers, employees and product  partners. Never get distracted.

Customer Satisfaction
Make each employee, customer and product partner a South Placer Tax and Notary evangelist. Do everything possible to create solutions. Do what we say we will do when we say we will do it. Be positive, available, and honest.